Frequently Asked Questions


·         When I look for information about my situation on the internet, I see a lot of very different answers.  How do I know what to believe?

One of the big problems with trying to find information about criminal charges online is that the laws are different in every state.  There are even big differences between counties when it comes to procedures and options.  Speaking directly with an experienced local attorney like Lisa Mulligan is the best way to get reliable information about your situation.

·         If I talk to a lawyer about my arrest before I hire them, is our conversation still confidential?

Yes. If you are speaking with a lawyer in order to get legal advice, everything you say is covered by the attorney-client privilege, regardless of whether or not money has been exchanged. Lisa Mulligan is very careful about guarding your privacy and will never divulge any information about your case without your permission.

·         What’s the difference between a private attorney and a public defender?

If someone is charged with a crime, but not able to afford a private attorney, the government will assign a public defender to represent them.  Some public defenders are fantastic lawyers, and some are not – and the same is true for private attorneys.  Moreover, even the best lawyers can have very different styles.  Lisa Mulligan believes that it is important for clients to find a lawyer that they are comfortable working with and that they can trust.  A short consultation is a good way to see if a particular attorney will be a good fit for you. One common complaint about public defenders is that they don’t have enough time to devote to their clients.  Lisa Mulligan keeps her caseload small in order to ensure that she is available to answer questions and mount a strong defense on behalf of all her clients.

·         How much does a private attorney cost?

The cost of legal services depends on the seriousness of the charge, the complexity of the case, the number of witnesses, and the experience level of the attorney.  Lisa Mulligan bills by the hour, but requires a retainer prior to performing any work on the case.  The retainer is placed in a trust account, and Lisa will withdraw funds from the account on a monthly basis to cover her fees.  Lisa can give you a quote for her services during your free consultation.