Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle, WA

Being accused of a crime can be confusing and frustrating. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help put the power back in your hands.

I have over fifteen years of experience helping people who have been charged with crimes. I handle misdemeanors, property crimes, drug charges, domestic violence cases, sex offenses, third-strikes and violent crimes. I am one of only about 50 lawyers that the Washington Supreme Court has selected to represent people facing the death penalty.

In negotiations and in the courtroom, I am a fearless advocate who can help you take back control of your case. I know that this is often a tough process and I try to treat each client the way that I’d wish to be treated.  I am always happy to answer your questions and discuss your case in an honest and straightforward way.

Please call or email me today so that we can get your defense moving forward. Let me protect your rights and fight for you.